Just when we thought it was safe to go out again... another threat rears its ugly head. Fortunately protection has arrived... Voodoo Insurance is finally available. Find out why you need it!

Is Voodoo Insurance like traditional insurance?

Let’s face it… Voodoo isn’t like any traditional kind of threat – like fire, flood, car accidents or disease. If any of those bad things happen to you, insurance will only pay for your loss. But if you are the victim of Voodoo, you could be turned into a zombie – yikes! And even if you got paid, that’s no good… all you could end up being is a very rich zombie, and well… you get the picture. So Voodoo Insurance is different… Voodoo Insurance is protection! Voodoo Insurance permanently protects you from all the bad effects of Voodoo… so you never have to worry about being turned into a zombie – ever.

I don’t know anyone who uses Voodoo. Why do I need Voodoo Insurance?

Thanks to the Internet Voodoo practitioners are now everywhere. And through the Web these Voodoo people are selling spell casting services to anyone – spells that can threaten you. That’s scary. And what is even worse, since Voodoo is so powerful, a Voodoo spell can be cast from thousands of miles away and still hit you right in the keister. With Voodoo insurance it don’t mean squat. You are protected 24/7 365 – forever. That’s even longer than zombies live!

How do I know Voodoo Insurance really works?

Good question! And the answer is really simple. Today we can certify that 100% of our clients have never been turned into a zombie – and they never will. Thanks to Voodoo Insurance.

What if I don’t believe in Voodoo?

Research has proven that one of the first spells Voodoo practitioners cast on an unsuspecting victim is to trick their mind into NOT believing in Voodoo! But don’t worry, even if you have fallen victim to this early stage of Voodoo you can still qualify for Voodoo Insurance. (No medical exam or questionnaire required.) And the best part is even if you continue not believing in Voodoo, once you have Voodoo Insurance you will never, ever be turned into a zombie. Now that’s piece of mind!