Lunar eclipse of January 2020, known as chandra grahan in Hindi, is all set to start at 10:37pm IST tonight. The celestial event marks the alignment of the Sun, Moon, and Earth, and the penumbral lunar eclipse will be visible from India this time. The total duration of this eclipse will be 4 hour and 5 minutes, and most parts of Asia, Africa, and Europe will be able to see it. Photographers love to take pictures of the Moon and capture the oddities that the lack of light brings. While shooting with a DSLR is a relatively easy task, to get great photos of the lunar eclipse through a smartphone camera is a difficult job.

The phone's camera has a smaller sensor compared to DSLRs, and don't offer as deep settings as one would prefer. However, the smartphone camera technology has evolved massively over the recent ears, and the handheld device is now capable of taking detailed photos. Multiple lens integration and features like optical image stabilisation (OIS) help in taking stable and clear photos even when you zoom in. Photography has also evolved and users can now play by the strengths of the phone and take beautiful photos of the celestial event. We share a few pro tips to help readers take good photos of the Moon during the lunar eclipse 2020 tonight – using their phone's camera.

1.Travel to the ideal place

In order to take beautiful lunar eclipse 2020 photos, consider travelling to a more heightened area that offers a clear view of the sky, without any man-made obstacles coming in the way of the frame. If that is not possible, look for interesting scenery nearby, like a tree, a tall building, or a reflection that you could include in your photos of the...

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