The latest version of the Kemper Profiler, OS 5.1, introduced an array of advanced, comprehensive delay effects.

The Kemper approach to delay effects is quite different from what guitarists are accustomed to. There is no dedicated Reverse Delay, Tape Delay or Ducking Delay. Kemper decided that it simply makes no sense splitting crucial tone design features into separate delay types.

Instead, Kemper equipped every single delay type with a range of tone shaping parameters and routing. Why not have a Dual Reverse Delay? Or a Serial Delay with analog tape character? Or a Melody Delay with ducking?

Kemper has added pitch effects to the delays with up to four voices. This allows guitar players to create never before heard harmonic pads, lush crystals and shimmer delays up to sequencer-like pattern runs, alien choirs, washes, and so much more. Only the players’ creativity is the limit. It is possible to create chord arpeggios from just a single note, all in perfect time to BPM or constantly following the player with the help of the unique Kemper beat scanner.

The new Pitch Shifter Delays are powerful combinations of the current Profiler Delays with one of four different Pitch Shifter types:

The Kemper Profiler Crystal Delay is feature-rich and very  musical. The Crystal is a reverse delay in which the pitched notes are altered by playing back the delayed signal faster or slower. The Crystal is placed in the feedback loop of the delay, causing a pitch helix with every repetition. Setting the pitch to either one octave (+12) or a fifth (+7) will lead to the most interesting results. In combination with other delay features such as Smear, Swell and Flutter, you can build very ethereal delay or reverb effects.

The Chromatic Pitch Shifter is positioned at the

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