Guitar and ukulele players of all ages now have a gig bag choice that not only protects their instrument, but reflects their personality.

Musicians can turn heads before they even start to play with their personally customized GiGY Bag.

Every GiGY Bag is unique to its owner. Each musician picks a color, Potes, and a handle to create #mygigy, a gig bag designed on the spot, just for them.

Never heard of a Pote? That’s because Jen and Madeleine made it up; detachable pieces can be used as pockets for your gig bag, or used separately as a tote. There were no existing words to describe this feature, so they created the word Pote. Potes are interchangeable between GiGY Bags, so you can easily organize your music and gear or change up your look when the mood strikes.

Born from a dream to fund her college education, Madeleine and her mom, Jen, founded GiGY so Madeleine could carry her growing collection of instruments in style. Jen says, “Madeleine is an artist in every way and our pile of boring, black gig bags just wasn’t cutting it.”

GiGY Bags are now offered for three sizes of ukuleles, as well as acoustic guitars, in an array of colors. Pote designs featuring independent artists from around the world are added throughout the year. New Potes, such as Gamer, Donuts, Boho Circles, Sugar Skulls, Turtles, Hand of Fatima, Waves, and Rainbow Safety Pins, expand the GiGY collection, which includes favorites like Starry Night, Gypsy Feathers, B&W Guitars, and Vinyl.

With the desire to support the music community, GiGY now offers school music department fundraising through a Ukulele Kit program and custom Potes for bands, music schools, luthiers, and lifestyle brands.

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