Dr. Z Amplification has announced the release of official Profile Packs for the Kemper Profiler.

Here’s a note from Dr. Z:

"I heard a Kemper Profiler, and I must say, I was pretty amazed at the quantum leap they made in digital amplifiers. As I investigated further, I found profiles of Dr. Z Amps.”

“I wasn't that impressed in the profiles I heard, and I did not want my products' sound to be incorrectly presented. So I took it upon myself to do something about it.”

“I contacted Dave Baker—a good friend, Nashville first-call studio cat, touring guitarist for a major country act, and long time Dr. Z Amp user—for some assistance. He has been a Kemper user for years and enjoyed the wide-range of guitar tones available in studio with his Kemper. One never knows what a producer will request of you on a recording session.”

“We combined his unique technique of profiling amps, along with 12 selected and max-tweaked Dr. Z Amps I built for this project to create this authorized Dr. Z Amp package. I have sampled 12 amps with multiple settings both clean and over-driven to offer the widest pallet of Z tones.”

The 36 Kemper profiled downloadable files are available for $35.

Profiles include:

3- Carmen Ghia
3- Z28
3- Maz 18
3- Maz 18 NR
2- Route 66
5- EMS
2- EZG 50
3- Z Wreck
5- Z-Lux
3- Antidote
3- DB 4
​3- Cure

For more information, visit drzamps.com[1].


  1. ^ drzamps.com (drzamps.com)

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