It's difficult to find footage of the legendary Jimi Hendrix—who died a whopping 47 years ago—jamming with a guitarist who's still touring and recording in 2017. But that's exaclty what we have here.

Below, check out some poor-quality but historically priceless footage of Hendrix laying it down with Buddy Guy. According to American Blues Scene[1], the entity that posted the clip to YouTube, the action takes place in 1968.

The video starts off with Guy performing a powerful rendition of "Stormy Monday" at a small club with his band. At 0:54, we see Hendrix grooving near the front of the stage, clearly enjoying what he's hearing and seeing. After an edit that occurs at 6:20, Hendrix is suddenly on stage with Guy and the band, holding a lefty Strat.

The remaining five or so minutes of the clip features a loose—to say the least—jam session over a funky beat. During the melee, Buddy breaks a string and experiences tuning issues as a result. 

If you just want to get to Hendrix's solo, head directly to 9:41. If you're wondering who's soloing between 6:26 and 8:19, join the club. We're leaning toward Bob Margolin, Dave Mason or Hugh McCracken. If you happen to know who it is—or care to make an educated guess—please leave a comment below.

Anyway, enjoy this piece of guitar history!


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