Here's the latest DIY video from our revival of the old Guitar Player Bandstand column...

   This acoustic delight, "Rheged," is from Poland-born, Britain-based Adam Palma, and his new, self-made album, Palm-istry




   At various times, Palma has been invited to join Al Di Meola, Tommy Emmanuel, and Bireli Lagrene on stage. For "Rheged," Palma used a Fylde acoustic, an AER Compact 60 amp, and DR strings.




   In my Noize From the Editor in the June 2017 issue, I said I had stumbled over an old Guitar Player Bandstand column from 1968, while pouring through the magazine's archives to find material for our 50th anniversary celebration this year (1967-2017). An idea was born...


   What if I revived the Bandstand feature online, and deployed it as a venue for our readers — well, and ALL guitar players throughout the greater guitar community — to post DIY videos of their original guitar instrumentals?


   The GP community would benefit from hearing all the cool guitar out there, and, hopefully, the players themselves would reach a targeted, guitar-loving audience through those who follow the magazine online. All I need are YOUR videos!


   So if YOU want to contribute to Guitar Player Bandstand, send a YouTube link to your ORIGINAL guitar instrumental to mmolenda [AT] nbmedia [DOT] com[1]. Please include a photo, the recording details, all the guitar gear you used to record the track, and any other data you wish to share.


  1. ^ mmolenda [AT] nbmedia [DOT] com (

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