We LOVE Rhino Records and its often-thrill-inducing commitment to releasing archival material from all the bands we love.


   But... really


   The first tune to kick off Rhino's July 28 expanded reissues of the Cars' Candy-O (1979) and Panorama (1980) is "Shooting For You" — definitely a bouncy and fun new-wave-y track, but one without a trademark surprising, melodic, riff-o-licious, and awesome guitar solo from one of our favorite rock guitarists, Elliot Easton





   We're hoping the rest of the additional tracks planned for the new releases — five alternate mixes, a B-side, and a previously unreleased track for Candy-O, and a B-side and three tracks from the vaults (including "Shooting For You") for Panorama — delight us with some of Easton's fab guitar solos.


   The two expanded versions were remastered by the Cars' Ric Ocasek, and will be offered on CD, 2LP, and digital formats, plus they will be accessible via streaming platforms. 


   Apologies to any of those who may be offended by my avid support of showcasing Cars songs with Easton solos, but, hey, he did stuff like this (and more)...






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