I’ve been a guitarist for 45 years and reviewed products for guitar magazines for 25 years. Over all of that time I’ve played literally thousands of guitars, amps, stomp boxes and other guitar-related items of gear.

While I’m still impressed with new innovations and high-quality products inspired by 60+ year old classics, nothing has caused me to giggle wildly like a schoolgirl meeting a pop idol more than the new Vox MV50 series amplifiers. The micro size of the MV50 amps, which are smaller than my hand and weigh about one pound, is mind blowing, but what really got me was that these are true 50-watt amps that put out butt-kicking volume and ear-pleasing tone.

Vox offers three flavors of the MV50—AC, Clean and Rock—and the price of each is so affordable that you can buy all three and still end up paying less than you would for an amp that’s bigger and heavier yet not as flexible or powerful. The Vox MV50 series amps may look like cute toys, but they are truly beasts that mean business when it comes to delivering pro quality tone for the stage or studio.

I’m not an electrical engineer, so I’m not going to get into the finer details of the incredible technology that makes the Vox MV50 possible. According to Vox, the preamp is driven by something called Nutube, which apparently is a newly developed micro tube, and the preamp circuit is loaded with micro-sized analog components that deliver the same tone and dynamics of a full-size amp.

There’s also a miniature class D power amp that produces 50 watts RMS of output at four ohms (25 watts at eight ohms or 12.5 watts at 16 ohms). The three different models each

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