The Vox AC1/15 made its debut in January 1958, but the seminal and beloved British amp manufacturer is offering some 60th anniversary goodies a little ahead of its actual birthday.


Perfect for playing your fave Beatles tracks — or, well, any music you happen to dig, actually — the AC30 Radio (shown above) rocks the classic look of the Fab Four's early live and studio amps. You can get AM and FM channels, as well as plug in a smartphone or other music playback source through an Aux In jack. The AC30 Radio will be available in June, and will retail for $79. 


AC2 Rhythm 

Vox's new mini amp comes in guitar and bass flavors, and it offers three effects (chorus, delay, reverb) and 81 rhythm patterns. The AC2 Rhythm Bass also provides Normal, Flat, and Scoop EQ settings. Availability is June and pricing is TBD. 




Adio Air GT and Adio Air BS  

With stunning curved shapes that definitely do not evoke the '60s, the futuristic Adio Air GT (for guitar) and Adio Air BS (for bass) are 50-watt, battery-powered amps featuring modeling technology and Bluetooth connectivity. Equipped with Vox’s proprietary VET (Virtual Element Technology), the Adio series reproduces the characteristics of 23 different types of amp models, including a wide variety of high gain, crunch, and clean options. In addition, Vox's Tone Room software is included with every purchase. Once again, the Adios will hit stores in June with prices TBD.






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