Led by pro skater and guitarist Riley Hawk (son of Tony Hawk), San Diego quartet PETYR are readying their self-titled debut for a June 9 release via Outer Battery Records[1].

In advance of that release, we're pleased to premiere "Old and Creepy," a choice cut brimming with heavy Sabbathian/stoner/psych jams.

PETYR also features Holland Redd (guitar), Nick McDonnell (drums) and Luke Devigny (bass).

Track listing:

     1. Texas Igloo
     2. Middle Room
     3. Stairway to Attic
     4. Satori III
     5. Old and Creepy
     6. Kraft
     7. Three to Five
     8. Vambo / Buffalo Stampede


  1. ^ Outer Battery Records (www.outerbatteryrecords.com)

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